In 2017 I moved EVERYTHING!


My mother passed away in December 2016 and in January I found myself moving into a new stage of life without my sweet mother’s love, sound advise and presence in my life. I miss her every day. She continues to be an influence in my life. She was smart, gracious and loved by many. Life is very different without her.




In April of 2017 I retired. I had worked at Hollywood Woodwork Inc for 10 years. Some doubted I would be able to retire but I succeeded in moving my focus from work to life. I think I might have been a little better at working than focusing on life but I am new at this. I will get better. I miss my friends at work everyday. It is a big move when one retires. It changes who you are or who you identify to be. I was a financial operations person who commuted from Portland, OR to Hollywood, FL 9 to 10 times a year. Now I am not!IMG_3035

The fantastic beautiful Hollywood Woodwork Business Ops Team

fullsizeoutput_62dIn August of 2017 we lost our beautiful Papillon, Emma. This has created a new reality for us. With Emma we always considered her comfort and care every time we walked out the door. She was a constant part of our life. We have now moved into a life style where we can walk out the door without looking for the leash. Loosing Emma saddened me beyond belief.

In the first week of December, we made our final move. We sold the condo we have lived in for 10 years. People like to tell you that moving is never fun. They are right.

But we love our new home; we have a great view and very nice neighbors. It all came to together as if meant to be.


I am ready for 2018. I am ready to enjoy the time to share my life with my family and friends. I am ready to Improve my “focus” on life and become a better person. That will surely help me reach the success I desire and keep me moving though this journey called life.

In 2017 I MOVED.

Paris Dogs

We always considered our Papillon, Emma, to be French. We sometimes thought we might bring her to Paris. That did not happen but we took her pretty much every other place with us.



We shared our lives with her for almost 15 years and we miss her everyday. In her memory, I share with you the Chiens de Paris. The Parisians love their dogs.







Large or small, dogs cast a big shadow in the daily lives of Parisians. Dogs accompany their owners to places usually reserved for humans, such as






And shopping


Parisian dogs can be seen walking about town, sometimes leading, sometimes following and often waiting, but they all certainly appear to own their space.

I read in another blog that explains dogs might be a bigger part of public life on the street as the Parisian apartments are typically very small and this gives the canines and their parents room to move.

I have learned that dogs are banned from most major Paris city parks. Parisians are very proud of their gardens and parks; to avoid the potential for crottes de chien, dogs are forbidden to enter these green areas.


Over the years we have visited Paris we have noticed a reduced threat of stepping in “IT”. People are picking up much better these days. Thank you very much!

Dogs are companion to old and young; protecting, playing and some well behaved dogs trotting along sans lease.

J’aime les chiens de Paris

Dogs can also be seen in the art of Paris.


Merci les chiens parisiens et les Parisiens qui les aiment.

Thank you Paris dogs and the Parisians who love them. ❤️