What is the meaning of the butterfly?

The butterfly is a significant symbol of life cycles, lightness of being and finding joy in life. To me it also makes reference to my own Sweet Papillon, Emma. As we travel through our lives we can all benefit from a guide. Emma showed me unconditional love for 14 years that I will carry in my heart always.

I am Connie and most definitely a Pacific Northwest girl. In my sixty plus years I have lived most of them in or near Portland, Oregon. Besides “Connie”, I am also known as Wife, Mom, Grandma, Sister and recent retiree!

I have done some travel, both professionally and for pleasure but when we consider that life is a journey, we can look at our life, decisions, accomplishments and disappointments as the collective journey of our lives. To understand this is to know who we really are. I hope my sharing will be of interest and I welcome your comments and shared experiences as well.