A Medieval Experience

Whisked away from Paris by a speedy SNCF Transilien train, we are transported to the Middle Ages in the Medieval village of Provins.

We were able to enhance the Medieval experience by getting lost walking to the upper town and again attempting to return to the train station in the lower town. Just part of the adventure!

The town is divided into an Upper Town and a Lower Town, called the Châtel (Castel) and the Val (Valley). The village maps, not so clear! We are here to see the THE EAGLES OF THE RAMPARTS.


The hunting art dates from the Middle Ages and was passed on from generation to generation. This tradition of the nature and the environment is registered on the cultural heritage of the UNESCO.

In the Theatre of the Ramparts, we sat on a bench beneath the ramparts to watch an exhibition of Falconry with a team of people representing the lords of the medieval past, Arab nomads in the Middle East, the Kazakh hunters with eagles in Central Asia.

The cast includes a horse, a camel with accompanying Bedouins, and an impressive succession of birds of prey, from owls to eagles, hawks to vultures.

Their flights from the ramparts skimmed our heads; close enough to feel the breeze of their wings. That was thrilling!



After the show we visited the aviary with about a hundred birds from 30 different species available to see.



The dialog of the cast was in French but we felt our lack of understanding the verbal part of the show did not detract from our experience. Just watching the flight of these birds and the clever handling of their flights by the crew was amazing.


Au Revior




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