Charles de Gaulle Airport – Flying Low

IMG_0440In 2016, 65,933,145 passengers traveled through Charles de Gaulle Airport. This is pretty amazing to me as we had a pretty difficult time maneuvering through this airport.


After leaving Beaune we made a stop at Guelelon Castle.

IMG_0441In northern Burgundy, a team of fifty master-builders are building a castle using medieval techniques and materials. It is unfortunate that we did not have adequate time to do the tour but we plan to return when we have an opportunity to do so.

So, on to Paris on the A77 to A6. Both toll roads, moving at very fast speeds until nearing Paris, where things slowed down. This is when Google Maps really comes in handy; she alerted us to a alternate route with less traffic. The whole trip went well until entering the Charles de Gaulle Airport, where we had a hotel reservation and it was time to return our little Fiat.

IMG_3687There are three main terminals, a train depot and a pretty large bus station. And overpasses, underpasses, round-abouts and very little signage. Which way do we go?

We asked our Google maps lady to find the hotel. We only had to go completely around the airport three times to find our Ibis Hotel.

At the same time, many speedy Parisians in a hurry to get somewhere were flashing their lights and giving us their impatient, frustrated, dirty looks. Not to be intimidated, Bill proceeded on to the hotel, entering the parking lot against the traffic! We parked. Success.

0C594B65-BD4F-4A10-8F31-8C53147E007BThen we unloaded the 20 plus bottles of wine we had purchased along the way and our baggage.

Next it is back in the car, to find the rental return Fortunately, due to our vast experience finding the hotel, the rental return seemed pretty straight forward after we did a u-turn at the cargo terminal.

A hotel bar never looked so good. Hello Aperol Spritzer.

IMG_3693Our next challenge, bomb threat. We are waiting for our neighbors in arrivals; at the moment they exited the international area, the police closed off all arriving passengers from all of us waiting for them. A nice young man explained that there was an abandoned bag in the terminal of grave concern to the police. We are told, “they will bring in a robot and possibly destroy the bag.”

Meanwhile, our friends have been sent one way and us the other. After a bit of confusion, we were reunited. Threat avoided.

EFDD09EA-FD37-4E43-9426-7EFBD32BBDF1We happily departed the Charles de Gaulle Airport and headed to Paris for lunch and red wine on the RER train. Later, returning to the Ibis Hotel by train, guess what?

We missed our stop and ended back at Charles de Gaulle Airport!

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