Route de la Chèvre-Pacific Girl travels tips


There are many choices to make when traveling. It has been our experience, when going by car, to avoid the busy truck filled freeways; where the traffic moves at a minimum of 72 mph (120 mph) mostly with a Mercedes so close you can only see a hood ornament in your rear view mirror.

On the small, national or local roads you will pass through villages and round-abouts, winding you way to your destination.


IMG_0367I affectionately refer to this as the “route de la chèvre” (road of the goat). And just once, we actually found the goats. In the south of France, driving above the Ardech river about 15 wild goats came bounding onto the roadside. We knew then we had selected the right route!

The Goat road and map from here to there.

And so we continue on our trip, on some very crazy roads from Chamonix to Anncey and then on to Beaune.

To follow these very rural routes you should plan to have a very good map, an off line map program or GPS. Even with these aids, the trip can be a challenge. It is just part of the adventure unless you let the anxious driver behind you intimidate you. Be cool.

Of course a good navigator in the passenger seat will keep the trip moving forward.

We don’t always make hotel reservations but when traveling into a busy town you are unfamiliar with such as we are today, a confirmed room can be a good thing.

DAFA0CF9-BDC4-4EDC-B33D-0705097E6BA1Other things to remember:
Electric plug adapters
Hair dryer with 220v option – we burned up a couple of dryers not using the appropriate voltage
A good travel guide for the areas you are visiting. We use Rick Steves. Be sure to read it before you leave home, it will enhance your experience.
Flash light – we were in Sorrento, Italy when a lightening storm took out the lights and power of the entire town. Yes, a flashlight would have been handy that night!!


And if you really want to blend in as a local in France, wear a scarf and get a dog.


One thought on “Route de la Chèvre-Pacific Girl travels tips

  1. Absolutely amazing !! I’m officially jealous… I can’t wait to see you guys to relive this trip with you!! Have a great time… we love the updates. ❤️


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