Annecy – A Day by the Lake

We continue our journey from Chamonix in the French Alps to Annecy, the largest city of the Haute-Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhine-Alpes region. It lies on a beautiful lake approximately 22 miles south of Geneva, in France.

The town is split by the Thiou River and the old town is filled with canals bordered with flowers, old cobblestone streets, and distant peaks in this lakefront setting.

Most of the old town is traffic-free and due to the Annecy Marathon, there were even fewer cars and lots going on in the city lakeside park.

The lake is one of Europe’s cleanest, clearest lakes. We enjoyed a 2 hour boat trip around the lake, Circuit Omnibus, with several stops at small villages. There are additional options for bicycle rentals to ride along the lake. Today we had a light rain and opted for the boat.


The local cuisine consists of fondue, raclette and anything cheese. There are many options for sitting on the narrow, cobblestone streets to enjoy for favorite beverage or a full meal.



It will long remain in my memory as the place where I first tasted Aperol, one of my new favorite beverages, give it a try!





2 thoughts on “Annecy – A Day by the Lake

  1. Hi Connie! I really like this, your descriptive details and the beautiful pictures, almost feel like I am there too! keep enjoying your journey and keep posting 🙂


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