The Real Top of Europe

Alsace is always a very special area to visit. The area of France has such a rich history, a fabulous wine AOC and amazing foods of the region.
Briefly to mention a few things:
Eguisheim – beautiful village and one of our favorites for wine tasting-Wolfberger
Hunawihr-visit Sipp Mac for wonderful, well make wines of the region and very nice rooms for rent on your visit.
Kinzhiem – a fabulous birds of prey show and just below the Konigsburg castle.

Leaving Alsace we decided to only travel the lesser roads when possible, avoiding the fast, truck filled toll freeways. We were rewarded with a scenic trip through mountains, canyons and valleys. It is my suggestion whether you are close to home or traveling, find the lesser road and be surprised with the bigger picture.

Chamonix – Mont-Blanc “The real top of Europe”
What a thrill! We ascended 12,000 feet to the Aiguille du Midi. The stunning panorama opens before you, the crisp, cool air and views of the Alps can take your breath away. My knees shook and my heart beat fast to near the edge to capture these photos, a memory of an unforgettable day.

5 thoughts on “The Real Top of Europe

  1. Incredible photos! While you were in your big coats and enjoying crisp cold air, I was breathing a lovely 93 with 99% humidity! But at least we got our power back so AC never felt better 🙂


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