Reunion in Weisenheim am Sand

When traveling includes the connecting with old friends, your trip can be magic. We visited Weiseheim/Sand yesterday to look for the Necherauer family, friends of Bill’s since 1983. Since our last visit in 1994, we had lost contact and unable to see anything regarding their winery on the internet.


So we went to the village coffee shop to ask if anyone could help us find our friend, Arnd Necherauer. We met a charming man named Gerhard, he made calls and in less than 20 minutes, Arnd walked in the door. That was magic.

This happy reunion reminds me of the importance of friends, shared memories and life’s journey.

Off to France now.



2 thoughts on “Reunion in Weisenheim am Sand

  1. Wow, that is a great story. But I think that could only happen in Europe where people still seem to stay connected, especially in small towns.


    1. Well, we had previously asked the local butcher and city mayor for assistance which was declined. We think they were protecting Arnd’s privacy which we understand. Gerhard, well he was determined to help us.


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