Bavaria – Favorites


Herbert and Christiana – our wonderful Bavarian hosts and good friends


The beautiful city of Regensburg, on the Danube River. Rich with history and Bavarian traditions.


Weinschorle – Weiss oder rot – This is a refreshing mix of wine (white or red) with water. Great treat to have during a stroll through Bavaria or anywhere!


Amazing sites along the Danube River – King Ludwig I Liberation Hall and Walhalla.


Wonderful and unique food – Christl’s Pumpkin Soup, Schnitzel and Kaiserschwarrn. There is a interesting story for each traditional food.


Our fantastic tour guide, Stefan. He speaks very good English, has great knowledge of Regensburg and loves to play the guitar. He is also very fond of a good Bavarian beer. Thank you Stefan!


The Sausage kitchen with tasting special mustard, yum!


A winemaker’s tour of the Bavarian Wine culture.

Thank you Herbert and Christl, Thank you Bavaria!

Auf Wiedersehen


One thought on “Bavaria – Favorites

  1. I don’t know about this “Weiss oder rot” … wine and water! Reminds me of this drink that the youth drank in Spain which was a 50/50 mix of cheap red wine and coke!
    Thanks for showing us a different side of Germany!


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