It’s Time to Check In

This is an email message like no other. It tells us that tomorrow will not be the same as today. There is traveling in our future. For me that is the message I woke up to today. My husband Bill and I are beginning a 28 day trip in Europe, tomorrow.

We will be flying to Munich, to meet our new German friends and staying at their home in Regensburg in Bavaria on the Danube. Then we plan to spend a few days in Alsace, Chamonix (French Alps), Burgundy and end our trip in Paris where we have rented an apartment with friends from home.


I hope you find the posts from this trip interesting. Much of this trip is new territory for us and I look forward to the opportunity to share our experience. Usually after a trip, I plan to organize my pictures and share the story, which does not happen once back in the real world. My goal for the blog this month is to select some interesting destinations that I can share along the way and create memories for you and for me.

I am brand new to blogging. I find it an exciting undertaking. I welcome all and any comments and be sure to send me any recommendations you may have for sights along our intended course.


One thought on “It’s Time to Check In

  1. This is beyond exhilarating and so exciting!! We are so happy for you and Bill and cannot wait to follow all your adventures… I will be checking in every day with anticipation!! Have a wonderful time and be safe … all our love, Liezle and John


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