Pacific Girl

When one considers the word “travel”, it can mean many different things and invoke multiple feelings.

  •  Travel to work, low traffic and no fender dents, easy parking, HAPPY
  • Late for appointment, STRESS
  • Spring break in Hawaii, FAB
  • A solo drive in the car listening to your favorite tunes, WOW
  • A long flight for a job site visit, TIRED

So with this in mind, I think we have a wide open list of options to define travel. I am going to start with a sweet memory of a trip to Rockaway Beach, Oregon. This is a repeat destination of ours and a recent trip included my husband, Bill and my grandchildren, Evan (11) and Lauryn (9).


This is me, Pacific Girl, feet in the warm sand, feeling the grit between my toes, a lite breeze and listening to the sounds of the Pacific Ocean. In addition I can hear the kids playing on the beach and view other families sharing time in this special place. This is a unique kind of travel, where all it takes is a favorite place and your mind to take in all there is to see and hear.

Pacific Girl Travels will not always be about travel from one location to another but also notes about life’s Journey.

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